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Getting Star Citizen equals getting your first spaceship, and there are quite a few to choose from. I've been SC backer since 2012 and played through every single patch they've released so far and wanted to share my thoughts about the starter ships you can get in the verse.

Star Citizen Aurora flying away from a Vanduul Kingships

Reliant Series

The Reliants are either hated or loved due to their design. It was the first spaceship with both vertical and horizontal flight modes (the wings of the ship + engines, rotate around the main hull!) and due to this novelty factor, it was riddled with bugs.

They are also the only starter ships that have 2 pilot seats, so if you want to take your friend with you, this is the ship you want to grab. Sadly due to their current iteration you cannot exit the pilot seat unless you are in the landing mode which is quite annoying for most pilots.

There are couple of Reliant variants but each one of them is very unique. Kore, the base one, is cargo hauler that has quite a walkable cargo space with a ramp - this means you can move cargo, do delivery missions and even transport the GreyCat Buggy! Kore is also equipped with a very nice stock weapons and amazing visibility.

Tana is the fighter - it has more weapons, tons of missiles and perfectly designed interior. Inside you can find 2 beds, weapon racks, toilet/shower combo and 1 SCU cargo space! Flying this ship with a friend is a blast because you have everything you need to do basic missions.

Sen is the researcher variant, most of it's functionality is sadly not yet in game but once it's in, it will likely be the cheapest research vessel you can get. Same as Tana it's interior is packed - you have couple of research tools, as well as two beds, cargo space and toilet/shower combo.

The exterior of the ship is also different as one of the turrets is replaced with a very capable (according to the lore) scanner which will help you search for research material.

Mako is the last and the most unusual Reliant - it's main role is to record and broadcast news from around the Verse. The interior is tailored towards this function so expect usual 2x bed and toiler/shower combo, you get server racks and a whole broadcasting station that takes most of the space. This means that this ship has no cargo space but instead it has an awesome camera mount on one of it's wings.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm a bit biased towards this series because I love the way they look and fly. You also get very unusual and specialized variants which no other starter series offers.

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