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Getting Star Citizen equals getting your first spaceship, and there are quite a few to choose from. I've been SC backer since 2012 and played through every single patch they've released so far and wanted to share my thoughts about the starter ships you can get in the verse.

Star Citizen Aurora flying away from a Vanduul Kingships

Mustang Series

Consolidated Outland Mustangs are less useful but much faster agile and better looking ships (looks are subjective of course) than Auroras. They were terrible in the past but with the rework they changed a lot and are now very capable starters. Most of the Mustangs don't have beds (except Mustang Beta - the flying "prison cell") but they have amazing cockpit visibility and are better dogfighters thanks to their agility and speed.

Unlikely the Aurora, each version of the Mustang is much different than the others. Mustang Alpha is the basic one that has cargo space, nice cockpit, ok basic weaponry and both quantum and jump drive. The main issue with this ship is that there is no walkable interior or bed, while the cargo compartment is bugged and won't open so you cannot place packages in there.

This is quite a bummer for those who want to do delivery missions as the only way to do them is to try and cram the box in the cockpit which is not that easy and takes some practice.

On top of that, unless you have Mustang Beta, you cannot log-off via bed since there is none in most Mustangs. This makes the Mustang except Beta) much less useful ship than any of the Auroras.

As to the Mustang Variants, there are plenty - you get Mustang Alpha (basic one, cargo), Beta (walkable interior, bed, shower, no cargo), Gamma (racer, no cargo, double engine, really fast) and Delta (missile pods and more weapons, extra armor, no cargo). There is also very rare Mustang Omega (AMD Never Settle Edition) which was given to people who bought certain AMD hardware years ago. It's basically Mustang Gamma with a red limited edition skin and very high price tag due to it's rarity - if you have it, make sure to not upgrade it as it will lose it's value.

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