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Getting Star Citizen equals getting your first spaceship, and there are quite a few to choose from. I've been SC backer since 2012 and played through every single patch they've released so far and wanted to share my thoughts about the starter ships you can get in the verse.

Star Citizen Aurora flying away from a Vanduul Kingships

Avenger Series

Avenger series is likely the most beloved series of ships in Star Citizen universe. The design of the ship is very iconic and practical, each ship looks sleek on the outside while having plenty of space on the inside. Players adore them because of the looks and various design choices like 2 entryways (through the ramp or via cockpit ladder), well planned interior, placement of the weaponry and cockpit visibility. There are couple of variants and each one of them is dedicated to a different profession.

Avenger Titan is the cheapest "penguin" - it has everything you need to start your adventure - bed, cargo, good weaponry and a low price. The cargo hold is big enough for you to transport small vehicles like GreyCat Buggy or GravLev bike. On top of that the agility of the ship combined with it's offensive capabilities makes it quite a dangerous dogfighter.

Avenger Stalker is the bounty hunting variant - it has different loadout (focused on disabling the enemy ship) and prison pods that take most of the space in the cargo hold. According to CIG, you will be able to remove those pods to make space for normal cargo.

Avenger Warlock and Avenger Renegade are more expensive variants that I suggest to avoid as starter ships due to the fact that Warlock is very limited due to the fact that the whole cargo hold is replaced with a massive EMP and Renegade is a simple limited reskin of the Titan with slightly different weapons that gives you almost no advantage but costs much more than base Avenger.

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