RSI Perseus - should you buy one?

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

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Intergalactic Aerospace Expo is upon us and with it, a new RSI Perseus gunboat has been unveiled. This concept sale was not a surprise at all due to the amount of leaks that we've seen circling around the Reddit and Spectrum. Something that was kept a secret until the actual concept sale was the size of the ship which in all honesty was a positive surprise.

Perseus is here, now the question is, should you buy it?

The Monster Slayer

Based on the myths and legends, Perseus was a monster slayer, a true warrior that wields massive power to destroy evil creatures, and the RSI gunboat that took his name is truly terrifying vessel.

Larger opponents

Perseus main tool of war are two manned turrets that both wield two size 7 weapons and cover very wide area. Some of you might think that it's not much compared to Hammerheads 24 x S4 guns but in reality those S7 guns are much more valuable than smaller weaponry when it comes to combat between larger vessels.

Each of the S7 guns can fire huge calibre projectiles that will penetrate even the heaviest armour and shred through the shield of the opponents from very far away. Thanks to the size of those guns you will be able to outrange most of the competition unless you are fighting against Idris or Kraken, and even then your size and agility should allow you to either outrun them or simply disable them while the enemy gunners try to destroy your vessel.

Smaller opponents

But what about enemy fighters? Won't they be nimble enough to avoid fire from the big guns and finish Perseus off? Well not really, you see, Perseus is prepared and has couple of high fire-rate, high-penetration, turrets located in the blind spots of the ship which can not only stop enemy torpedoes but also prevent any of the smaller ships from staying around Perseus for long enough to damage it.

Perseus was created as a tool of war, and at least on paper it's properly prepared to complete even the most daunting tasks.

Your home among the starts

We've covered the roles of Perseus, but what about the other aspect of the game - the journeys that you will experience onboard this craft and how well it will suit you as a mobile home among the stars?

The layout

Perseus consists of three separate decks.

The bottom deck consists of cargo lift, docking collar, main elevator shaft and the lower turret access. We do not know yet if the cargo lift will be also the only entrance to the ship but based on other RSI designs it's very likely that the main elevator shaft that connects all of the decks will also extend down to the ground and serve as a faster and safer crew entrance point. Oh I also almost forgot that the cargo bay is large enough to hold a vehicle up to a size of an Ursa Rover!

The middle deck is where you have your crew quarters, escape pods, habitation area, turret access, ordnance station and captain quarters. The ammunition section is separated from the crew section by a catwalk that goes over the cargo area which is a great design choice. Putting people further away from dangerous ammunition and torpedo storage might save their lives in case there is a critical situation onboard.

I really appreciate how concise the layout of this vessel is - it has just enough space for the crew of 6 to feel at home, but also keeps is simple to ensure that the ship is small and easy to navigate and defend in case of boarding action. The Captain Quarters are also a huge plus as it will give you, as an owner, a place to rest and keep your trophies which you will likely gain from using this vessel in many battles.

The top deck contains the bridge and engineering deck - it also houses a few of escape pods. The bridge is situated at the top of the ship to ensure that the pilot has full visibility of the surroundings while not interfering with the front gunner. There are total of three seats on the bridge which is a perfect amount for the ship this size, especially that the remote turrets will be automated.

I suspect that the torpedoes will also be controlled by the pilot which makes this ship much more viable when you have only 3 crew total onboard (pilot and two gunners).

As you can see Perseus interior space is well designed and planned to be practical, utilitarian, and at the same time, providing a place to live for you and your crew while you're on your way towards another adventure.


So is Perseus worth your money? As always, it depends - on what you want to do, what you like and how much spare money you have, but if you plan to command a true monster that can take down corvettes and disable frigates while at the same time being manageable - this is a ship for you.

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