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Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Getting Star Citizen equals getting your first spaceship, and there are quite a few to choose from. I've been SC backer since 2012 and played through every single patch they've released so far and wanted to share my thoughts about the starter ships you can get in the verse.

Star Citizen Aurora flying away from a Vanduul Kingships

Aurora Series

RSI Auroras are great starter ships and thanks to their design include much more than you expect from such a small vessel. Sadly they are not the fastest or the best looking ships in the verse. There are couple of variants but all of them include:

  • Cargo space

  • Bed

  • Weaponry

  • Quantum Drive

  • Jump Drive

  • Walkable interior

Cargo space and weapons are self explanatory - they allow you to do cargo runs and defend yourself from the enemy.

Something less obvious is the importance of the walkable interior - this is very useful when you are doing delivery missions (with a box you need to place inside your ship) or simply want to give a ride to a friend or two. Without that space, you would not be able to do either of those things in the current iteration of the game as the cargo compartment is closed from the outside.

Bed is important because it allows you to save you log-out spot and come back to the exact same place once you log-in again. Otherwise, you would respawn in the EZ-Hab or a Landing zone far away from your log-off spot.

There are many Auroras to choose from, ES is the cheapest and the most basic one, MR is the "default" one you want to start with, LN is better equipped for combat, LX is limited edition variant with nicer interior materials and CL is the cargo one that comes with a bit more SCU space.

If I were you I would go for MR and do some basic missions to upgrade it further or LN for less hassle when doing combat assignments.

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