Aegis Redeemer - history and possible future

Hello Citizens! As you might already know, Aegis Redeemer is getting a rework and according to the Invictus Launch Week information, it's in active development.

Thanks to that information as well as the updated holo-globe model displayed during the ILW I think we can piece together quite a solid idea of what Redeemer will become once it's completed.

Image credits - Ungineer

Aegis Redeemer Render by Ungineer (Star Citizen)

Redeemer History

Redeemer has a very unique background as it was not created by CIG but rather a group of SC fans during "The Next Great Starship" 2014 contest. The winning team that created the Redeemer, Four Horsemen, envisioned an Aegis gunship/dropship style craft with very unique engine design and wonderfully planned interior. After the contest the ship was converted into the game engine and sold as an official craft that will be "soon" added to the game.

Image credits - Tobias Frank

The opinions about the Redeemer were varied - some loved the unique design and were extremally hyped for this ship, others believed that the style of the engines does not match sleek but simple Aegis designs and nicknamed the ship a "nut cracker".

In the end the ship ended up in backers hangars with a promise of being flyable sometime in the future. Most backers believed that the ship will become flyable very soon after the event was concluded but due to technical issues and the fact that CIG wanted the original creator (who was hired by CIG) to work on the Redeemer and make it flyable, this craft was not converted into a flyable state yet.

In 2015, Redeemer was showcased during Star Marine PAX FPS Demo in which you could see a scripted event of the ship flying, landing and deploying the troops into the fray. I must say that the engine design and the animations looked extremally good and made me even more hyped for this ship.

Few years back, the Redeemer creator left CIG to pursue different projects which made things even more complicated for our first Aegis gunship.

For years there was little to no info about the Redeemer, in 2018 we've got confirmation that the ship will not change it's manufacturer (yes, there was a possibility that Redeemer would not be Aegis due to it's unique engines) and that it's not currently in active development.

At one point one of the devs uploaded the picture of Redeemer with an Ursa attached to it's tail which made a lot of current or past Redeemer owners excited, but it was quickly clarified as not a real planned feature. Image credits - PDalessi_CIG

Current information and possible future

The 'no new info" stage has continued until the 2020 Invictus Launch Week which was an in-game event where players could visit a special convention centre and see different ships and vehicles used by UEE Navy.

Image source: SC Leaks

The event had a special section where holo-viewer models of different ships were displayed. Those ships were confirmed to be in active development and one of them was Aegis Redeemer! Each ship was also given a short updated description which in case of a Redeemer gave us a lot of clarification about the future of this vessel:

There are few ships that are awaiting deployment as eagerly as the Aegis Dynamics Redeemer. After being featured at two previous Invictus Launch Weeks, the Navy is closer than ever to utilizing the full potential of this cutting-edge gunship.
The UEEN has worked closely with Aegis to perfect the Redeemer during this time to ensure that it will meet and exceed all the operational needs of such an advanced vessel. From the early reports arriving from various test squadrons, including the famous 999, the Redeemer is going to be worth the wait.
Designed to carry significant cargo and troops, the Redeemer will provide support in a variety of combat situations and logistical operations. The state-of-the-art technology employed by Aegis should make the craft one of the easiest to maintain to operational-effective standards. Additionally, the boarding hatch will permit faster transitions in situ while the VectorLock thruster design will allow for optimal maneuvering via its twin nacelles. High Command is eager to see what the Redeemer can do once it finds its way into the hands of enthusiastic pilots across the Naval fleet.

As you can read from the description, the Redeemer is planned to be a very powerful gunship with cargo and troop transport abilities. Additionally it received a boarding hatch (similar to the ones that can be found on Anvil Valkyrie) and kept it's unique VectorLock engines! Image source: SC Leaks

This is awesome news for Redeemer owners as the ship has become much more useful and powerful in variety of scenarios thanks to the additional cargo capacity and special boarding hatch.

It seems that the Redeemer has also grown in size a bit, you can see the differences in the screenshot below:

Images source: SC Leaks

What do you think about the Redeemer? Do you own it or plan to get one? When do you expect for it to be released? Let me know in the comments below!

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