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Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Hello Citizens Patch 3.11 is just around the corner and with it, we will get our hands on the beautiful Origin 100 Series. I think that it's a great opportunity to talk about the crown jewel of Origin lineup and it's the current state.

History and original concept promises

890 Jump came out in 2014, it was the first large Origin ship that was packed with features and luxury. At the time, the price of 600$ was quite high and not many were sold compared to other ships that were combat or industrial-focused.

The original concept, as many at the time, promised a LOT, luxury, great defenses, top of the line components, outstanding performance, and tons of amenities that made role-players and org leaders really excited about this vessel. Here is an original description of the 890 Jump from the concept sale post:

The 890 Jump is the crown jewel in Origin's spacecraft line. A fully-equipped interstellar yacht, the 890 Jump isn't just a beautiful silhouette: it's ready for dozens of potential roles, from high-security trading to organization leadership to command and control.
The Origin 890 Jump is a rare sight, but a lasting one. Its very presence signifies power: used as a personnel transport, the 890 Jump is the prized possession of CEOs, politicians, holo stars and the like. Whether they’re traveling from Earth to Terra or exploring uncharted stars, the 890 leads the way in everything it does.
Need more guns? Heavier shields? More powerful thrusters? The 890 Jump is also fully customizable, to the same degree as any ship in Origin’s lineup! The company has built their most complex starship to date… now it’s up to her captain to choose what happens next!

As you can see from the original description, 890 Jump was supposed to be secure, luxurious flying masterpiece that allowed you to fulfill many roles, including exploration as well as command and control. On top of that, the Jump was promised to be great at combat:

Vanduul inbound? Pirate Cutlasses on an attack vector? Trouble with local customs? It’s their funeral. The 890 Jump isn’t just a beautiful silhouette; it comes factory-equipped with a lethal array of defensive and offensive weaponry powerful enough to take on anything the enemy can bring to bear.
Boarders will think twice when finding themselves facing off against five turrets, two missile launchers and a pair of point defense batteries. And every weapon and component is a top-of-the-line design from a selection of the galaxy’s best manufacturers. Every approach is covered, and the central bridge can transition the ship from peaceful cruiser to raining hell in mere seconds.

This is what was promised, let's look at what we've got.

Current State

In 2019 we've seen a flight-ready release of 890 Jump which was anticipated by many backers. The biggest initial change was the size - it grew from 123m to over 200m in length - this made it almost as big as an Idris Frigate and also gave the designers much more room to work with.

For those backers who wanted to get their flying villa, they got exactly what they wanted, a ship filled with fancy amenities like a swimming pool, spa, bar, huge open lobby, guest bedrooms, captain quarters that are a size of a medium apartment and tons of windows all around. I could go on and on about each part of this ship but I believe that the Morphologist video would show it to you in a much better way than I can, so please watch it before you continue reading this post:

The design of 890 is marvelous and you can feel it the moment you get aboard that ship. It's beauty and the sense of space makes it very special and very luxurious, but that's only a part of the concept sale promise.

The thing that a lot of 890 Jump owners counted on was that it will be more than just a fancy villa flying from point A to point B and in my (and many other owners) opinion, we were let down, and here is why.


As quoted from the original concept sale advert, 890 Jump was supposed to be a dangerous luxurious cruiser with plenty of weapons, both defensive and offensive, to protect itself from ANY attacker. Of course, I would not expect it to beat Idris or Kraken in a battle but I did hope that they will give it enough firepower to be competent vs any almost non-capital ship or a bunch of fighters. Sadly the sustained damage that 890 Jump can dish out is SMALLER than ships like 600i series or Constellation Phoenix and even though you can control the smaller remote turrets from the bridge, the bigger manned ones are a huge distance away from the bridge. You literally have to run a mini-marathon to get to the front one and the coverage that it gives you is rather poor.

According to the original sale pitch, that ship was supposed to be mostly automated, and I understand that this functionality will be added in the future but even with fully automated defenses, the damage that 890 Jump can deal is minuscule compared to what it should be.

Many people will argue that a ship like that is not supposed to compete with military-focused craft but the original sale promised a craft capable of proper defense and offense which 890 Jump, in it's current state, does not fulfill.

I believe that the best solution would be making the guns on each turret quad mounted (so 2x amount of guns on each turret) and adding hidden payload of missiles to the missile turrets that we can be reloaded automatically.

This would make 890 Jump strong enough to defend itself from most attacks while still being quite fragile versus military capital class vessels.

Fuel consumption / regen

The amount of people that own 890 Jump is outstanding - just in the 890 Jump Club, a very active org that you can only access if you have 890 Jump, there are more than 800 Captains but you barely see those ships in the verse - why?

The main cause of that is the fact that 890 Jump was released with huge fuel consumption and very small fuel regen. Once you take it out for a spin, you are likely to see fuel warning within the first 20 minutes of piloting this craft. Since this ship was advertised as top-notch touring vessel with exploration capabilities, fuel issues of this kind are ridiculous and ruin fun that you might have from flying it.

Let's look for example at the 100 series which has special fuel regen system - if 890 Jump is the best that Origin can make, why didn't they implement the same systems that the most basic Origin ship has so we can actually use this ship for it's intended purpose.

All of this is just weird and makes no sense to me, which is why I assume it's simply a bug or miscalculation that will be fixed in the future.

Other Issues

We've covered weaponry and fuel issues, now let's talk about other smaller things that I believe could be improved rather easily.

Air-shield tech - Idris has it, Prowler has it, likely many other ships will have it, so why 890 Jump has no air shield? For those who don't know, air shield is a tech that creates a special barrier to prevent depressurization of the ship/room while still allowing for people and ships to pass through it. You can see it used in Prowler and Idris hangar, and it would be an awesome addition to 890 Jump to ensure safety and convenience of those who land in the hangar.

Reflections - once you enter 890 Jump interior at night, you will quickly notice that every single window has awful reflections. Did you want to admire a beautiful starlit night? You can't cause most of the view is ruined by reflections. Or maybe you wanted to look outside during the dusk while having a meeting at the dinner table? Sorry, but the reflections of the interior won't let you. This issue is very annoying the moment you start noticing it and it's visible even during the day. CIG please remove them.

Furniture - this is something that will likely be customizable but atm. I really dislike the furniture we got in 890, most of it is just bulky, heavy and I would prefer if it was gone.

Morphologist explains it quite well in his video so I suggest to watch it for more details.

So why do I own it?

After all of this criticism, you might wonder, why would you want to own 890 Jump if you are not into roleplaying or luxurious touring?

The reason why I own it and plan to keep it for a long time is the possibilities that might come with future customization systems. We already know that certain ships will have very deep customization options, 600i, Carrack, Caterpillar, Endeavor - all of those ships will have swappable modules that will change their functionalities completely. I believe that big capital ships like 890 Jump, Idris, Javelin, all will have customization options that will also change their functionalities in some way or form. Currently CIG is focused on getting core tech done, but once that is out of the way, we will get much more content, and since ships are the thing that we focus on in this game, we will definitely get some deep customization options for our larger vessels.

Even if we wont get full room swaps, we will still be able to put different tools and decorations around our ships - just look at the items they sell at New Babbage - holoprojectors, holo-tables, tons of little tech gadgets that would fill our ships and make them more fun and useful.

What I really count on is the fact that 890 Jump is the only capital ship that can be piloted and defended by 3-5 people. If you add AI blades and NPC crew, you will be able to run this ship very efficiently with only 1 or two friends and not worry about managing large amount of players just to use your yacht.

If on top of that, CIG will indeed implement customization of rooms in 890, then it will be the best ship for me and many other players - imagine being able to swap the spa section for a medical centre or the main section for a beautiful multi-level garden. Just look at how different 600i Explorer is from 600i Tourer when it comes to the middle part - now imagine this type of customization on the 890 Jump using all of the space it has. Possibilities are endless and each module like that would bring lots of money for CIG while also requiring MUCH less work than creating a whole new dedicated ship.

All of this makes me very excited for the future of this ship and I plan to keep it until I'm 100% sure that my hopes won't be fulfilled.

And even if I wont be able to customize it as much as I hope for, I still will really enjoy touring the verse in this ship, especially that the Capital class defenses make dangerous routes, much more viable.

Let me know what is your opinion about this ship in the comments below!

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