890 Jump - expectations vs reality

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Hello Citizens Patch 3.11 is just around the corner and with it, we will get our hands on the beautiful Origin 100 Series. I think that it's a great opportunity to talk about the crown jewel of Origin lineup and it's the current state.

History and original concept promises

890 Jump came out in 2014, it was the first large Origin ship that was packed with features and luxury. At the time, the price of 600$ was quite high and not many were sold compared to other ships that were combat or industrial-focused.

The original concept, as many at the time, promised a LOT, luxury, great defenses, top of the line components, outstanding performance, and tons of amenities that made role-players and org leaders really excited about this vessel. Here is an original description of the 890 Jump from the concept sale post:

The 890 Jump is the crown jewel in Origin's spacecraft line. A fully-equipped interstellar yacht, the 890 Jump isn't just a beautiful silhouette: it's ready for dozens of potential roles, from high-security trading to organization leadership to command and control.
The Origin 890 Jump is a rare sight, but a lasting one. Its very presence signifies power: used as a personnel transport, the 890 Jump is the prized possession of CEOs, politicians, holo stars and the like. Whether they’re traveling from Earth to Terra or exploring uncharted stars, the 890 leads the way in everything it does.
Need more guns? Heavier shields? More powerful thrusters? The 890 Jump is also fully customizable, to the same degree as any ship in Origin’s lineup! The company has built their most complex starship to date… now it’s up to her captain to choose what happens next!

As you can see from the original description, 890 Jump was supposed to be secure, luxurious flying masterpiece that allowed you to fulfill many roles, including exploration as well as command and control. On top of that, the Jump was promised to be great at combat:

Vanduul inbound? Pirate Cutlasses on an attack vector? Trouble with local customs? It’s their funeral. The 890 Jump isn’t just a beautiful silhouette; it comes factory-equipped with a lethal array of defensive and offensive weaponry powerful enough to take on anything the enemy can bring to bear.